Printing Tips:

All pages are sized to fit completely on one page, however if you encounter any trouble in doing this, here are a few suggestions.

You may have to adjust some settings in the Page Setup menu.  Depending on your browser, these steps may be slightly different, however it should get you to where you need to be.  Click on the word ?File? at the extreme upper left-hand corner of your screen.  This will activate the pull down menu.  Click on the words ?Page Setup?.?.  This will open up the page setup dialogue box.  In this box should be three things that might help you in printing.

1) Margins ? check to see if the top and bottom margins are set at .25 or less.  If not, change them.

2) Headers and Footers ? you may need to delete the header and footer (which, for example, will print page numbers at the top and web page address at the bottom).  This takes up the effective print area.

3) Portrait Vs Landscape ? you will need to change this option to ?Landscape? when printing layouts that are sideways (11 x 8 ½) and change it back to Portrait when printing layouts that are normal (8 ½ x 11).  Clicking the radio button next to the options does this. patek philippe replica