Good Stuff

This page is dedicated to some useful or interesting stuff that I have accumulated over the years.  If you have anything that you would like to contribute, email me and let me know.

Milling a scalloped radius - the formula for the X - Y cooridinates needed to rough in a radius

Radius program - for TI-60 calculator

Semi-circle / chord measurements - formula for finding length of chord / height of tangent / radius of circle

What is a toolmaker - the story of the Harig Grind-all (July/August 1992 - EDM Today)

Side wheel grinding - illustrations of common problems when side-wheel grinding

Grinding in a mag chuck - procedure for mounting and grinding a magnetic chuck (from O.S. Walker)

Scrotum Self-Repair - ouch! (July 1991 - Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality)

Dr. Math Web Page - Link to a good source of all kinds of math stuff like "Permutations & Combinations" such as lottery combinations, number of telephone numbers available, etc.  I've spent hours and hours on this page.  You can surf all over the page, but I would start by clicking on "FAQ's". swiss replica watches